Tony Myers
Myers & Associates (CA)



Tony’s career has involved undertaking leadership roles with organizations immersed in change and transition. His expertise lies in helping leaders to lead. His work involves working with CEOs, executive directors and boards helping NGOs around the world realize their vision and mission. He is internationally recognized for his ability to mold strategic direction, bringing about change, developing revenue generation plans and successfully launching and completing major fundraising campaigns.

Tony’s approach in all that he does is to listen first, to seek deep understanding, to identify the challenges and then together find a way to meet challenges head on. He draws from his experience in setting up three charitable foundations across Canada. Tony walks the talk.  He has served on several nonprofit boards.  His involvement in the non-profit sector includes service on several boards, including the CFRE International Board of Directors, Washington D.C., the Association of Fundraising Professionals, CentrePoint for Non-profit Management, the Kelsey Institute Foundation, the ASTech Foundation, Public Legal Information Services, Sustainable Calgary, and other non-profit organizations in Canada and beyond.

Tony is sought after as a speaker on numerous topics related to his work, at conferences around the world. Passion, enthusiasm, commitment, experience and knowledge … these are the things Tony brings every day to his work. And he is the first to tell you that he loves his job.



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