Eduard Marček
Slovak Fundraising Centre (SK)



As well as developing his academic and professional career, Eduard has been working in the non-profit sector since 1997, serving as a leader and Board member of several non-profit organizations and initiatives. Eduard has a wide range of experience from numerous consulting and training projects at home and abroad (e.g. strengthening the fundraising capacities of non-governmental development organizations in four Central European countries in collaboration with the UK’s Resource Alliance, working with Transparency International, INTRAC, International Step by Step Association, etc.).

As a consultant he deals with non-profit organizations’ fundraising and financing, cross-sector collaboration and involving companies in community support within responsible business. He has provided consultation services to a number of domestic and international non-governmental organizations, worked on various analytical studies and developed international cooperation across Central and Eastern Europe. Eduard is a co-founder and head of the Slovak Fundraising Centre, head of individual fundraising at Transparency International Slovakia and currently serves as Vice-President of the European Fundraising Association. He loves silence, water in all forms – especially when swimming in it – is passionate about flying, travelling and discovering new places and cultures, and cycling. He is always ready to discuss challenges in politics, public affairs and business.


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