Christian Osterhaus
Stiftung Leaders of Tomorrow (DE)

Christian Osterhaus is an all-rounder with broad management experience (CEO, CMO, CCO and COO) in international NGOs (CBM, Karlheinz Böhms Äthiopienhilfe, Welthungerhilfe, Don Bosco Mondo) and has also worked in the public sector (high school teachers), the private sector (PR consultant) and worked in associations (management of a sustainability standard). Since 2018 he has been coaching and supporting executives: management, department heads, and board members. The aim is to optimize your management performance, the development of the organization and your personal career. As an experienced mentor, future leaders in civil society are particularly important to him. Ultimately, he is concerned with strengthening civil society and improving its contribution to “saving the world”.

The main focus of the advice and support is a strategy and organizational development, governance, sustainable financing, personnel development and communication. He appears in seminars and congresses as a lecturer and moderator.

Christian Osterhaus is one of the founders of the German Fundraising Association, is active there in various functions and has been a member of the advisory board since 2012.

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