Zuzana Schaleková
Pontis Foundation (SK)

On his 65th birthday, my father woke up with these words: 65 years ago I was put into use! J So using his words, I was put into use more than 30 years ago. During this time, I have been constantly trying to make my own opinion about the world. I am a very lucky person as I have many good and inspiring people who help me with this, starting with my family, my great colleagues at the Pontis Foundation, and ending with – I don’t know yet, because I am still not at the end. I love to read, to hear and see stories all around, to go for a walk, to drink coffee and also to work with people (but sometimes I really don’t understand why J). I am an extrovert who loves solitude.

At the Pontis Foundation, I work as a leader of the PR team. I focus on creating communication strategies and campaigns, translating buzz words used in the NGO sector into understandable language J, and creative writing.