Pavla Chlebounová
Učitel naživo (CZ)

I graduated from the University of Economics in Prague. Since the beginning of my working career, I have been involved in marketing and PR: I started as PR and marketing manager in market and media research, but after 6 years I felt the need to leave the business and focus on something more meaningful to me. I have work experience from the field of science popularization from the Academy of Science and from the field of destigmatization of people with mental illnesses from the National Institute of Mental Health. Currently, I lead the marketing and PR team at the non-profit organization Učitel naživo which changes the way teachers and school directors in CZ are trained. I am also the head of marketing of the festival of mental health and mind called “Na hlavu” which won the National psychiatry award in 2019 and I am involved in Kolektiv Nesladim, a theatre project which very sensitively presents plays about sleep disorders and suicides.

If I have some free time I enjoy relaxing in the sauna, doing sports activities such as riding a bicycle or running. I love to spend my summertime in the high mountains. And I also love watching series on Netflix.