Ida Adolfová
Healthy City Community Foundation (SK)

I studied at the Faculty of Economics of the Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia and during my studies I discovered  volunteering and civic activism that became a part of my personal life and later also my professional carrier. My life and way of thinking were greatly influenced by people that I met in our “NGO bubble” as well as my volunteer work in South Africa and my three-month studies at City University of New York. Since 2003. I am working at the Healthy City Community Foundation since 2003, where I had to learn to multitask and found out, how the lack of resources motivates one to be creative. As I have experience with domestic and international volunteering, whether as a volunteer or coordinator of volunteer programs, I am also active in the Volunteer Center in Banská Bystrica since 2013, where I work as a coordinator of foreign volunteers, a trainer, and an economist. I also decided to devote more time to work in the Platform of volunteer centers and organisations, as I have been approached by the organization’s activities, projects and, last but not least, the people who work in the organization. I see it as a challenge and an opportunity to grow professionally and personally and I want to be part of the positive changes in the field of volunteering in Slovakia. My colleagues are my friends and I believe in a work that I am doing, in the community and in Slovakia as well.


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