Aleksandra Tekijaški
Center of Excellence in Finance (SI)

Rich for a circle of lovely friends, 20 years of professional experience in IOs and blessed for being a mom of a 3-years old. A lawyer by training and a program manager and fundraiser by profession. An immigrant for the second time in life, with antiwar protester mileage, gained in Serbia during the ’90s. My intellectual interests are centred around transitional justice and reconciliation, Good Governance principles, the Labor movement, Renaissance and 20th Century history. Passionate about Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Bauhaus streams in arts and architecture, Punk, New Wave and House music, Film Noire, travelling novels and history-based belletristic and movies. Before Covid, I visited 4 continents, and have a huge bucket list for new adventures. The gym would work better for me if it was invented as a part of the library or dining room.